February Donor Newsletter - Panhandle Animal Shelter

February Donor Newsletter

Panhandle Animal Shelter publishes a print newsletter twice a year which gets mailed to our donors. Below is a digital versions of the newsletter.

Humane News 

WINTER 2020 

News for the friends and supporters of Panhandle Animal Shelter 

Keeping Families Together 


Panhandle Animal Shelter proudly serves the community through Pets for Life, a community-based program that helps keep pets in their homes by providing resources to families. Kendra, the Pets for Life program manager, focuses on one neighborhood at a time, going door-to-door to ask residents if they need help with their pets. Through the program, the shelter offers free spay, neuter, vaccinations, nail clippings and more. 

One of our Pets for Life clients, Sissy, recently shared with us how happy she is with the program and how comforted she is by the assurance Kendra provides. Sissy shared, “I 

have such peace of mind because Kendra assured me if something ever happened to me, she would make sure my cat was taken care of. I trust Kendra and I am grateful for Panhandle Animal Shelter helping me and my neighbors.” 

A portion of the population we are serving do not have transportation (and public transit does not allow pets on board). We happily provide transportation for our clients in this situation. Plus, this program helps reduce unwanted litters and ensures pets get the care they deserve. Thanks to you, we work each day to keep families together. 


spay and neuter surgeries 
helpline calls 

tons of dog and cat food 

Welcome Our New Development Coordinator 


Panhandle Animal Shelter is helping more people and animals than ever before. The secret ingredient to success? Focusing on the human-animal bond. By focusing on what people and their pets need, and by believing that our community is our biggest partner, we’ve increased the number of animals we help from around 1,200 to over 5,000. 

To reflect our evolution, we changed our mission: “To create and support meaningful connections by enhancing the lives of dogs, cats and the people in our community who love them.” 

Part of our evolution is honoring relationships with our community. To help us build a stronger connection between our donors and our work, we received a grant from the ASPCA to hire our first Development Coordinator. We welcomed Paige McGowan in July to fill that position. In this role, Paige works with donors to connect their charitable gifts with programs and services they are passionate about. 

New to the area, Paige has been busy getting to know the community, meeting other animal lovers and shelter supporters, and finding all the best places to eat. Paige is a delight and has been an incredible addition to our staff, as well as the animal-welfare community in general. All of us at Panhandle Animal Shelter are excited to be forging ahead into 2020 with Paige on board. 

Just want to say hello? Have a question about charitable giving? Email Paige paige@pasidaho.org or call 208-265-7297, extension 108. 

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new program called “Temporary Loving Care” (TLC). TLC is a partnership program between Panhandle Animal Shelter and Bonner General Health. The TLC program provides boarding for people’s pets who have a planned hospital stay at Bonner General Health and do not have resources available for pet care in their absence. 

TLC was born out of necessity. Dr. Joe Wassif, a psychologist at Bonner General Health, had a patient who needed to be admitted for care. The patient was not able to be admitted because she did not have anyone to care for her pet while she would be at the hospital and she did not have money available to pay for boarding. Dr. Wassif reached out to Panhandle Animal Shelter and asked if there were anything we could do to help patients in need. 

“We love this kind of work because we are all stronger together when we work collaboratively to assist our community as a whole,” Executive Director Mandy Evans explains. “We are not just about helping animals at Panhandle Animal Shelter. Our mission is to also 

support the people in our community who love and care for animals. It is a pleasure for us to be able to provide someone in need with peace of mind so they can take the necessary time to get care for themselves.” 

TLC is currently only for people who are referred by the behavioral health team at Bonner General. Dr. Wassif shared that the ER department at Bonner General Hospital has already expressed interest in having the program expand to cover patients who are receiving emergency services. 

“. . . we are not just about helping animals at Panhandle Animal Shelter. Our mission is to also support the people in our community who love and care for animals.” – Mandy 

Mandy is optimistic about the future of the program and the potential for it to expand. “TLC is new,” Mandy says. “As it progresses, we will continue to monitor the impact of the program and figure out solutions for how we can better serve our community.” 

For more information about TLC, contact Panhandle Animal Shelter 

– info@pasidaho.org 

Temporary Loving Care 

Focused Locally, Recognized Nationally 

Panhandle Animal Shelter is setting the standard for the future of animal-welfare. Traditionally, shelters have embraced fear and shaming in their practices. We have turned away from this model and have built a wonderful relationship with the community by trusting and helping the human-animal bond. 

Others are catching onto this approach and have asked us to share the secrets of success. Executive Director Mandy Evans was invited to speak at the University of Wisconsin and Seattle Humane this winter to help others in the animal-welfare community build trust within their communities.