Frequently Asked Questions About Home To Home™ - Panhandle Animal Shelter
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Panhandle Animal Shelter is open for adoptions by appointment only until May 29.  For more information on the services we are offering during the pandemic, click on the button below.


Frequently Asked Questions About Home To Home™

With the launch of our Kickstarter for Home To Home™, we’ve been receiving more questions about how the program works. Founder Mandy Evans and National Program Coordinator Joya Blair answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the program in the following videos:

Why Is Home To Home an Important Tool for Shelters?
Are Animal Shelters the Best Place to Take a Pet Who Needs a New Home?
Are Animal Shelters Wanting Home To Home?
Why Do People Give Up Their Pets?
How Does Home To Home Guarantee the Health of an Animal?

Visit our Kickstarter campaign page by clicking the following button: