Groundbreaking for Donation Station and Sorting Facility. - Panhandle Animal Shelter

Groundbreaking for Donation Station and Sorting Facility.

Panhandle Animal Shelter is building a new donation and sorting facility on land owned by the Shelter, just west of the Thrift Store. It will be 4,500 sq. ft. with a parking lot and streamlined drop-off donation area which includes overhangs to protect donors and donations from our finicky Idaho weather. We have secured the construction loan, the necessary permits and the builder. Of the projected $270,000 needed for this project, we have so far raised $150,000 which leaves us with $120,000 still to fund. The Donation Station will happen alongside the New Dog Park slated for later this year. This is why we are reaching out to the community to help us retire the note on the building.

It costs a significant amount of money to keep the doors at Panhandle Animal Shelter open. But most people do not know that the majority of our funding comes from our exceptional Thrift Store, a staggering 84% of our operating revenue is directly attributed to sales at the store. The success and growth of our Thrift Store is the result of the community helping area animalsthrough donations and sales.

“Opening the Donation Station 100% debt-free would be an amazing gift to our Community Animals,” says Mandy Evans, Executive Director of the Panhandle Animal Shelter.

“The monies saved on rent alone could vaccinate almost 10,000 animals, alter over 2000, or provide 1200 40lb bags of high-quality food annually. The impact would be tremendous!” More animals would be helped, and services would continue to be provided to the Community by way of spaying and neutering, our Helpline, the community cat Trap-Neuter-Release program, and All of this would allow us to continue to bring innovative, cutting-edge programs that benefit the people and animals of North Idaho, such as the leading “2025 Idaho No-Kill Coalition”.

Panhandle Animal Shelter and Thrift Store launched the Donation Station Fund Drive and groundbreaking with a Golden Shovel Celebration on July 11 th. 

Persons wanting to donate to Operation Donation Station can visit the Animal Shelter or the PAS Thrift Store during business hours. We have also set up a fund at