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Kickstarter Questions

After launching our Kickstarter campaign for Home To Home™ we realized there has been some confusion about how Kickstarter works. Here’s some answers to frequently asked questions:

How does kickstarter work?

Kickstarter is an online fundraising platform. It’s typically used when people want help raising money to support an idea, program, or new product. Once a project is shared on Kickstarter, other people can ‘back’ the project by pledging towards it. Usually, backers get a reward for their money.  A key part of Kickstarter is that if the project doesn’t raise enough money to meet its goal, the project doesn’t get funded at all. This means nobody gets charged, and nobody receives the rewards either. 

Is this a monthly donation or is it a one time thing?

Your pledge to a Kickstarter campaign is a one time thing, and you won’t be charged until the campaign reaches its goal. If the campaign doesn’t reach its goal, you don’t get charged and you don’t receive rewards.

When do I get charged?

If the campaign reaches its goal, you’ll be charged at the end of campaign. For the Home To Home™ Kickstarter, this is on May 9th, 2020.

Is it true that Home To Home™ doesn’t get any money if you don’t reach the $150,000 goal?

Yes. The campaign relies on people to pledge towards the goal. If we meet our goal, people who backed the campaign are charged for their pledges and Home To Home™ will receive the funds, minus Kickstarter’s fees. If we don’t reach our goal, nobody is charged for their pledges. If you’ve pledged to the campaign, this is a good reason to share it because the more pledges we get the more likely we are to reach our goal. When we reach our goal, Home To Home™ gets the funding it needs and backers get perks – it’s a win-win!

How do perks work for Canadians or other international backers?

Due to the cost of shipping, we cannot ship rewards internationally. However, you have a few options. First, you can pledge to the campaign because you believe it in. You won’t get any rewards. You can also pledge at the $1 or $5 levels and receive virtual rewards. 

Is this an event? 

The Home To Home™ Kickstarter is not an event. It’s an online fundraiser that ends on May 9th, 2020. There is no attendance necessary and all the information needed to support the fundraiser is on the campaign site here:

I’ve pledged the campaign, but how else can I help?

Thanks for pledging to support the campaign! Now that you’re a backer, please tell your friends about it and ask them to support the campaign too. Sharing is caring and we could really use your help telling everyone about our Kickstarter. 

Where can I send my questions?

We welcome your questions. You can email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.