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Saving Lazaruff: A Home To Home™ Story

When Dr. Marty Becker first found Lazaruff, he doubted the dog would live.

The dog suffered from debilitation, possible organ damage and heartworms. Rail-thin, with ribs protruding from his sides, he was 30 pounds under a healthy body weight.

Fast-forward a few months. Now he’s a healthy, happy dog enjoying a North Idaho lifestyle in a forever home.

That’s the power of Panhandle Animal Shelter’s Home To Home™ program. It can change lives, both for the animals and the people who adopt them.

From the start, Home To Home™ forges friendships. A picture and a description of the pet give would-be human companions a sense of their new pal before they even say hello in person. Home To Home™ helps pets avoid a stay at the shelter altogether. That’s good news for the critters, who don’t go a single day outside a loving home. And it helps keep space open at Panhandle Animal Shelter for the dogs and cats that need it.

The sad reality is life sometimes forces pet owners to make a change. Maybe it’s financial troubles. Maybe it’s an unavoidable change in a living situation. Whatever the case, Home To Home™ makes rehoming pets a snap. Have a pet that needs a new home? Just upload a picture and some quick information. Looking for a pet? The search feature makes it easy to find dog, cat or other pet perfect for your situation.

Just ask Lazaruff. Thanks to the care from Dr. Becker and his crew, he overcame his medical problems and packed on the pounds. But he still needed a new home. Panhandle Animal Shelter’s rehoming program ensured that Lazaruff is enjoying a second life in the mountains of North Idaho.

Does your home have room for a pet in need? Visit the Home To Home™ website here. It only takes a few minutes, but it could lead to a lifetime of happiness.