Locating a Lost Pet or Listing a Found Pet - Panhandle Animal Shelter

List a Lost or Found Pet

Before making a new listing, check the Lost & Found Directory to make sure someone else hasn’t already listed the pet as lost or found! Also check out our list of helpful tips about what to do if you find or lose a pet

List a Lost/Found Pet

The shelter offers services to the community to help reunite lost pets with their owners. Shelter staff log every call made to the shelter and write down descriptions of missing and found animals.

Every day, pets and their owners are "matched" using this simple system. In addition, every animal that comes into the shelter is advertised in the Bonner County Daily Bee in the Lost/Found classified section. Any owner who has a pet that is missing is encouraged to call the shelter immediately! Call us at 208-265-PAWS (7297).
  • Please enter a brief but descriptive title to help others determine if they might recognize the listed animal.
  • Please list city/town and street names, if possible.
  • Please describe the animal in as much detail as possible. Make sure to include any information about collars/tags if you have it!
  • If possible, please include a clear picture of the animal!