Anatolian Shepherd mix female 1 year old missing - Panhandle Animal Shelter

Dog: Anatolian Shepherd mix female 1 year old missing

lost on: 06/10/2018
Wakena Lane/Kelso Lake Road in Priest River

Butterball is a large Anatolian shepherd/English shepherd mix. She squeezed out of her yard early in the morning on Sunday, the 10th, because her favorite boys were visiting and she couldn’t wait to see them that morning. She may have lost her ID tags and collar (it was loose). She is very friendly to people, but doesn’t like cats… She is a beautiful fawn color with dark guard hairs (similar to a german shepherd) with a long, graceful, very hairy tail that curves up at the end. Her face is dark. If she has her collar on, it’s red. She stands about 24 inches at the shoulder, she’s a large, heavy, healthy, beautiful dog. Please see photo.

Contact Information:

Phone:(208) 618-1594
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