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New Name. Same Mission.

Dog: Lost Dog – Black with white heart shape on chest

lost on: 02/15/2021
Rapid Lightning Rd - Sandpoint, ID

Duke is a 3 year old walker hound/german shepard/golden retriever mix. He looks like a very slim black lab. He has 2 collars on. One is black and silver/grey and the other is black. He has one white spot on his chest that looks like a heart. Please see picture below.

Contact Information:

Name:Brandi Anthony
Phone:(509) 218-5959
Responses (4)
  1. Brandi says:

    I forgot to mention that he is a friendly male dog who has been neutered.

  2. Brandi says:

    He came home!

  3. Allyson Unzen says:

    This sweet boy was in our yard yesterday and I feared he was lost or dumped. He wouldn’t come close to me (probably because my two dogs were indoors barking like crazy). SO happy to hear he made it back home to you, Brandi! Relief!

  4. Brandi Anthony says:

    Yes we were very relieved.


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