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There was a possibility of corona virus exposure at Panhandle Animal Shelter.  The shelter will be closed for adoptions until April 18th as a precaution. If you are an owner with an emergency that requires you to surrender your pet OR if you find a stray dog, you will need to call to schedule an appointment at (208) 265-7297 ext. 100. Because we are experiencing staff shortages, we cannot guarantee we will be available to take in strays that don’t have a scheduled intake day and time. If needed, please call Bonner County dispatch at (208) 265-5525 for assistance.  For more information on services we are still providing, click the button.

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Cat: Lost tabby cat

lost on: 03/23/2020
Upper syringa heights lane

Lost my daughters kitty, he is her baby and is mostly an indoor cat but recently started exploring outside and hasn’t returned yet. He is just about 1 year now, we adopted him last June for her birthday. She misses him and hopes he will return safely so Please if you have seen him or have him let us know. His name is Prince.

Contact Information:

Name:Alisha Clark
Phone:(208) 946-3390
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