Low Income Assistance - Panhandle Animal Shelter

Low Income Assistance

The Panhandle Animal Shelter offers an assistance program for individuals in our county who are on a low income assistance program and need help spaying or neutering their dog or cat. Grants are written throughout the year to secure the funds to support the program.

Through this fund the shelter offers to pay 50% of the surgery cost at participating veterinary clinics.

If you need assistance, please follow these simple steps.

1. Call the shelter at 208-265-7297 to ensure we have funding and to ask what your portion of the payment will be.
2. Get ready to visit the shelter and pick up your certificate. Don’t forget the following items:
– Bring proof of low income status to the shelter. (i.e., documentation you are currently on a state or federal assistance program)
– Bring your dog in to the shelter with you. We have to weigh him/her to determine your fee. (It’s not necessary to bring your cat, as cats are a flat fee.)
3. At the shelter, the front desk will assign you a local veterinarian and give you a certificate with instructions.

You will have to pay for the certificate when you pick it up.