Replenishing the Angel Fund - PAS's Emergency Care Fund - Panhandle Animal Shelter

Replenishing the Angel Fund – PAS’s Emergency Care Fund

baldwin surgery 2

Baldwin was brought to us; he was in bad shape.  He had been hit by a car.  We rushed him to a vet for x-rays.  Both of his front legs were broken, a complete fracture of his left front leg and a partial fracture of his right front leg. Baldwin was in extreme pain so we had to take action quickly.  We had surgery performed as soon as possible to relieve Baldwin’s suffering.  The surgery was extensive; however, he is expected to make a full recovery!

We were able to provide Baldwin with his much needed, urgent surgery because of donors like you.  Baldwin’s emergency care exhausted the funds in our Angel Fund, a fund specifically for emergencies beyond our typical medical care. Now we need to replenish the fund in order to be able to act fast and provide emergency help in the future. You can be an angel for a pet in need of emergency care by helping us restore the Angel Fund.  Please make a contribution today to help, so we may continue to act fast and provide emergency help to animals in need.  Click here to donate.

xrays for baldwin cropped

Baldwin Update – August 16, 2017
Baldwin is doing well!  We are having to recast every week and have to go to into the surgeon every 2 weeks for a recheck.  All seems to be heading in the right direction. He still has 9 weeks of recovery ahead – 9 weeks of medications, doctor visits, and weekly castings.  He has a happy disposition and can go on 2, 15 minute slow walks a day, now.