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This resource is available to the those in our community who are facing challenging circumstances that involve their pets. If you believe that you need to surrender your pet, or are searching for answers, we are here to help. We can help with food, rehoming, and other crisis that families and pets face due to changes in financial, relationship and housing status. Our goal is to help families keep their pets when possible and guide them through the process of relinquishing a pet when necessary. Please call 208-217-4453 for assistance.

Home to Home

Home to Home was created by Panhandle Animal Shelter to provide a positive and proactive method to rehome pets. PAS recognizes that surrendering a pet is extremely stressful on the human and the pet. This process provides an alternative that is supportive of the owner during their time of need and helps the pet go from one home to another;  thereby avoiding a shelter stay.

How it works: The website will direct you in uploading your pet’s profile. The profile will be posted on the Home to Home website and shared on the Panhandle Animal Shelter Facebook page. Potential adopters will communicate directly with owners regarding their adoptable pet. Owners remain in charge of the entire rehoming process, pets stay out of the shelter avoiding stress and anxiety and adopters get to communicate with owners providing them with the opportunity to learn about their prospective new pet.

Helping an Injured Pet

If you find an injured pet, here are some steps to follow that will aid you in getting it the care it needs. Be mindful that the animal is most likely scared and confused. Never assume an animal will not react adversely to being handled if it is shock or pain. Please handle them with extreme caution and care.

Perform a visual examination to assess the condition of the animal. If possible, try to stabilize injuries before moving an injured animal by splinting or bandaging.

While transporting the animal, keep it confined in a small area to reduce the risk of additional injury. Pet carriers, cardboard boxes or other containers with sufficient airflow work well for small animals. For larger dogs, you can use a towel or blanket to act as a stretcher.

Please call PAS at (208) 265-7297 ext. 100 or your local veterinarian to see if emergency care can be provided.