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Spay & Neuter

Nationally, 13 million cats and dogs are euthanized each year because too few adoptive homes are available.

Owners who intentionally breed pets for fun or profit frequently find that raising a litter to weaning age and beyond is time-consuming and expensive. Statistically, only one of every five puppies or kittens born will find a home.

Owners who live in rural areas and city-dwellers who attempt to confine their pets are too often surprised with an unplanned litter born to a pet that slipped out the door, jumped the fence or wandered great distances in search of a mate.

Spayed female pets will not have to be unnecessarily confined. They will not attract unwelcome visits from neighboring males. They will never burden their owners with the time and expense of an unwanted litter.

Neutered males will not have to be unnecessarily restrained. They will be less aggressive around other males. They will be less likely to spray or urinate to mark territory. They will not pay unwelcome visits to neighboring females. They will never father an unwanted litter.

Altered pets become more reliable companions, guardians, hunters or mousers. They become more pleasant members of the household and more trustworthy neighbors.

Surgical procedures are routine. Pets recuperate with a few days of restricted activity.

The cost of surgery may be minimal in comparison to the cost of raising an unplanned litter or the cost of treating diseases of the reproductive system that may be minimized by surgery.

If cost is a concern, veterinary clinics can provide a cost-quote based on a pet’s weight, gender and age. Additional charges for females that are pregnant or in heat can be avoided. Inquire about discounts, specials, payment plans, and low-cost programs. Contact the shelter for the availability of discount coupons to reduce the cost of surgery.