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There was a possibility of corona virus exposure at Panhandle Animal Shelter.  The shelter will be closed for adoptions until April 18th as a precaution. If you are an owner with an emergency that requires you to surrender your pet OR if you find a stray dog, you will need to call to schedule an appointment at (208) 265-7297 ext. 100. Because we are experiencing staff shortages, we cannot guarantee we will be available to take in strays that don’t have a scheduled intake day and time. If needed, please call Bonner County dispatch at (208) 265-5525 for assistance.  For more information on services we are still providing, click the button.

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Meet Our Team

Mandy G. Evans
Executive Director
Mandy G. Evans is executive director of Panhandle Animal Shelter and the Home To Home™ network. Mandy came to animal welfare over eight years ago as the first executive director for the organization after leaving a career as a professional corporate event planner. She has worked to transcend a fear-based negative environment in which animals were housed instead of adopted, and where the local population expressed what they perceived was a lack of support. Mandy’s love for animal welfare was solidified after her dog, Molly, became paralyzed due to a malformed spine. Instead of euthanizing her, Mandy dedicated herself to providing her with the best life possible. She developed a website for owners of special needs dogs called, My Special Dog and a nonprofit, Molly Inspires which took Mandy and Molly into elementary schools across the nation teaching kids about empathy, kindness and not to be scared of people who are different than you.
About Mandy
Devin Laundrie
Director of Shelter and Medical Operations
Devin joined PAS in February of 2016 as the director of shelter and medical operations. Devin has worked in veterinary medicine since 2004 in both small and large animal medicine. She excelled in working ON animals but she also wanted to work WITH animals. Devin got to fulfill that desire when she came to PAS. She has the pleasure of working with cats and dogs, helping to transition them into the next chapter of their lives. Fun fact, Devin was once the medical director the the largest donkey rescue in the US.
About Devin
Caprice Butler
Shelter Manager
Caprice began working at the shelter in September of 2017 as the front desk supervisor and after a few months was promoted to office manager. She oversees the daily operations of the front desk while closely working with the director of operations.  Prior to working in the animal-welfare community, Caprice worked for an insurance brokerage in Santa Monica for five years followed by working at a horse ranch. When she was working with horses she realized she had a bigger passion for animals than she had previously thought. Caprice was able to combine her experience working in an office setting with her passion for animals at PAS.
About Caprice
Joya Blair
Home To Home™ Program Manager
Joya is the program manager for Home To Home™ (, a pet rehoming tool. Previously, Joya worked in the human resources and administrative organization field for a tech company. She made the career switch to animal welfare because it provides a strong sense of meaning and purpose in her life. Joya recognizes the special connection within the animal-human bond and desires to professionally contribute to the growth and development of programs that strengthen that connection and make a difference in animal welfare and lifesaving.
About Joya
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Christi Baker
Volunteer Coordinator
Christi began working at the shelter in spring 2019 as the volunteer coordinator. She is responsible for volunteer orientations, training volunteers and many community outreach events. Christi has been committed to serving the communities she has lived in throughout her entire life. Christi has a great love of being helpful to both the humans and the animals with whom she works.
About Christi
Kendra Dodge
Pets for Life Manager
Kendra started with PAS in March of 2019 as the Pets for Life Program Manager. She has been dubbed the Mary Poppins of the communities she has served because she always has just what they ask for in her little bag.
About Kendra
Betty Anderson
Home To Home™ and Helpline Administrator
Betty joined the team at the Panhandle Animal shelter in 2016 as the manager and administrator of their local Home to Home website and Helpline and has a sincere passion for helping and offering support to people and their beloved pets. Her hobbies include spending time with her granddaughter, writing, baking, hiking, biking, kayaking and camping. Betty has always had an appreciation for animals and is proud to have spent the majority of her life on her farm in North Idaho with her husband of 40 years, raising her kids – surrounded in a variety of critters from working farm animals to pets including horses, cattle, rabbits, chickens, geese, sheep, cats and dogs.
About Betty
Katherine Deacon
Thrift Store Manager
Katherine has worked at Panhandle Animal Shelter since May of 2016 as the manager of the thrift store. Prior to working at PAS, Katherine has worked as an executive assistant and has owned her own business. She enjoys supporting the people that support the animals.
About Katherine
Paige McGowan
Development Coordinator
Paige joined the PAS team in July 2019 as Development Coordinator where she works with donors to connect their gifts with programs that help animals and people - her dream job! Prior to joining PAS, Paige worked in public health promoting healthier communities through policy, systems, and environmental approaches. She dreams of a more-kind world for animals and people and her passions are spending time with animals, eating vegetarian food, traveling, and making soap!
About Paige
Matt Iha
Medical Manager
Matt’s veterinary career exploded right out of high school assisting doctors and technicians at the local vet hospital. Over the past 20 plus years Matt has learned to care for animals through emergencies, surgeries, oncology, and chronic discomforts. Matt loves connecting with cats and dogs during a time of need.
about Matt