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What Mix is Bubba? Contest And Visual Labeling

Bubba by Sheryl R. Garrison

Recently we held a Facebook Contest asking followers to guess Bubba’s breed mix.  Bubba, now adopted from us for the 2nd time, is a young and friendly pooch who gets along well with other dogs (a playgroup star).  Even though Bubba is a wonderful dog, he was returned after his first adoption because the adopter’s landlord thought he was a pit bill.  His owner, who had just brought the dog home, was heartbroken but needed to return him to us.  As we re-posted Bubba on Facebook, a number of people commented on what a cute pit bull he was.  This was when we decided that a DNA test would be done. We felt Bubba was being mislabeled.

The contest “What Mix is Bubba?” proved our point, which is your guess is as good as ours when it comes to visual breed labeling.  Out of 50+ guesses, only 3 were correct. You know the saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.”

So what is Bubba’s breed mix? Drum roll…Bubba’s DNA results showed that one parent was 100% Labrador Retriever while the other parent was comprised of 4 different breeds including 1/4 German Shepherd, 1/4 Boxer, 1/4 Staffordshire Terrier and 1/4 Mixed Breed.

The truth is none of us really know what the breed of a dog is based on looks alone.  A breed label doesn’t portray the whole story; it only supports an idea of what the breed may represent. That’s why in 2015 PAS decided to stop breed labeling the dogs and cats that come to the shelter.  For more information on this : Your Guess is as Good as Ours.

Prizes for the contest were donated by EzyDog!

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