Wildlife Rescue Resources - Panhandle Animal Shelter

Wildlife Rescue Resources

Found a Wild Animal in Need of Help?

As a general rule, if you can approach a wild animal and it does not run or fly away, it probably needs help. Please contact a local wildlife rescue or rehabilitator if you see any of these signs:

  • Presented by a cat or dog
  • Evidence of bleeding
  • An apparent or obvious broken limb
  • Featherless or nearly featherless and on the ground
  • Shivering
  • A dead parent nearby
  • It has not moved in several hours

Before you intervene, please consider the following:

Try to handle the animal as little as possible. Its body is already under a great deal of stress and you don’t want to make the animal more scared than it already is. If you decide to transport the animal, put it in a covered box and keep as quiet as possible. Do not speak loudly or play music or talk radio in the car. Be sure to carefully note where the animal was found. Ideally, the rehabilitator may decide it is best to put the animal back where it was originally found.

  • Idaho Department of Fish and Game, (208) 769-1414
  • Mystic Farm Wildlife Rescue, (208) 241-7081
  • American Heritage Wildlife Foundation, (208) 266-1488
  • Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge, (509) 684-8384
  • Kiwani Wambli Wildlife Rehabilitation Habitat, (509) 671-5069